Selling Process

Our primary goal is to offer you a hassle-free property selling service, where you sit back and our team will handle everything from staging to marketing and selling. 

Our Selling Process

Over the period of time, we have developed a 6 steps selling process which helps house owners to get best price quickly

Step 1

Increase the appeal of your home by renovations

In order to attract potential home buyers, our agents help you renovate your home and make it more presentable which will eventually help you get more money.

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Step 2

Competitive price assessment & listing the home

once the renovation is done, we present you a competitive price assessment. We list the property at the price agreed by the owner.


Step 3

We practise a proven social media marketing plan

We truly believe in the power of social media to reach the potential buyers of your home. Our digital marketing team has a proven plan of marketing for any type of property.


Step 4

Following the DO's and Dont's of Home Staging

In order to get best price, it's very important to stage your home according to your buyer. However, many people fail to do so. Our agents will not only let you avoid staging mistakes but also  guide you with the DO's of home staging like getting rid of clutter, removing any personal photos, furniture re-arrangement etc.


Step 5

Reviewing the offer & accepting one with minimum conditions

After going through all the process, finally you get offers from buyers. We help you precisely review each offer and accept the one with the minimum conditions and maximum benefits.

Step 6

Closing the deal

    Closing the deal is the final step while selling any property and it is one of the most important step in the process of selling. Don't worry! Our team will handle it seamlessly.

    Top 1% Agents under one roof

    Selling a property without could be difficult when it comes to marketing your property. But list with confidence is the top leading real estate broker in town who has sold a lot of properties which in this pandemic can be a difficult task to do, but we made to do it.