SELLING or BUYING Your Home Has Never Been This Easy!

Are you searching for agents to sell your property or to purchase a home or commercial asset? AHH, no need to worry you have come to the right place. We have sold over 1200+ properties during this covid-19 pandemic! 

We are a qualified and certified team of experienced best real estate agents who have profound know-how of the marketplace, and vast experience to get you the ideal offer or buy you the best asset.

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Selling or buying homes

Our highly qualified experienced team of agents assists you sale your house or purchasing a dream one

Commercial Properties

Buying or selling a commercial asset is not similar as compared to a residential one and our workers do the magic for you

List Your Property

You could list any property with us! Our professional commercial real estate agent would love to assist you to get the top best deal that suits your needs and requirements

Why Trust Us?

Buying or selling your house is one of major decisions for you. So, you have to select an experienced commercial real estate agent who understands the marketplace extremely well. Our agency will help you pick the top 1% agents.

Crystal Clear

Our procedure is crystal clear and transparent which will help you see how are we doing.

Vast Experienced

We are a qualified team of professionals’ rental real estate agent who loves doing business in this field.


Our selling procedure is so well efficient that each step seems faultless and rapidly brings outstanding outcomes.

Looking to Buy?

We help you guide the step by step process in buying your property which involves:

  • Showing you all the houses  available for sale
  • Choosing houses that are economical and in your range
  • A select house that meets the criteria of your living needs and requirements specifically.
  • Presenting your purchasing offer
  • Closing the final deal
  • Assist you to make a checklist to relocate swiftly

You have chosen to PURCHASE house. What is next?

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Looking to SELL?

Selling your home is a science actually, because you want to get good price but you can’t. Why? Because you are not up to date with market conditions. So, you have to choose an experienced agent who knows your market very well.  Aljawahery Realtor meets that criteria and can help you:

  • Increase the appeal of your home by renovation and get maximum price
  • Putting your home on listing after a competitive price assessment
  • Marketing using social media, blogs and catchy videos other than MLS® and news papers
  • Sharing home staging tips to let buyers feel living in your home
  • In-Depth Reviewing the offer and accepting the best with minimum conditions
  • Negotiating with buyer(s) – if required, and putting a counter offer
  • Closing the deal
  • Help you make a checklist to move out

You have made the decision to SELL home. What’s Next?

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Looking to SELL?

Selling your house is science actually because you need to get the best value but you cannot. What is the reason? Because you are not up-to-mark with market situations! So, you have to select an experienced realtor who understands your market the best. We as the best realtor in town meet that criteria and could assist you with:

  • Develop the appeal of your house by renovating and getting the maximum value possible.
  • Placing your house on listing after a market competitive cost estimation.
  • Marketing utilizing social media, eye-catching videos, and blogs other than newspapers.
  • Sharing house enactment tricks lets purchasers feel like living in your house.
  • Profound reviewing the offer and accepting the finest with maximum possibilities.
  • Negotiating with purchasers – if needed, and giving a final offer.
  • Closing the final deal.

You have chosen to PURCHASE house. What is next?

Our Numbers Speak Louder


Homes Sold


They have a brilliant process to follow and their agents are professional, courteous and know the market very well which helped us get good offer.


I had to sell my property fast and my friend recommended me these guys. Their agents are very responsive and have strong knowledge of the market. I sold out at really good price.


I sold and bought with them. Their transparency and experience really impressed me. 


Top 1% Agents under one roof

Selling a property without could be difficult when it comes to marketing your property. But list with confidence is the top leading real estate broker in town who has sold a lot of properties which in this pandemic can be a difficult task to do, but we made to do it.